Digital Spine Big Jade Mat Stone 50mm -322 Stone | Far Infrared Pain Relief Mattress | Heat & Energy Koean Jade Therapy Pad – 322 Stones



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Digital Spine Big Jade Mat Stone 50mm | Far Infrared Pain Relief Mattress | Heat & Energy Koean Jade Therapy Pad – 322 Stones

Size :- 100 * 190 CM

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  • Hard Back for use over bed, can be triple folded for easy storage Single Bed 6 Ft size
  • Helps increase blood circulation, gives pain relief & improves immunity
  • Plug & Play Device |Comes with easy to use temperature controller
  • Original Korean Jade Stones helps in common body problems along with stress relief & body pains




The infrared Deep Heat Far Infrared Jade Heating Mat is ideal for easing muscle stiffness in from your neck to lower back. Just plug it in and lie down. In just 15-20 minutes, heat will start penetrate your muscles. And you’ll feel as carefree and relaxed.

With these Deep Heat Far Infrared Jade Pads, when the jade is heated, it helps transfer the far-infrared waves deep into your body (up to 10 cm) to warm, soothe, cleanse and relieve your pain. That is 20 times deeper than conventional pads for deep relief.

The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate… which improves and accelerates blood circulation and in turn supports the reduction of inflammation… In other words, deep penetrating infrared heat delivers more oxygen-rich blood to painful or injured areas which helps take your pain away faster. The National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests that convenient and non-invasive farinfrared (FIR) rays, a vital type of physiotherapy, improve the health of patients with cardiovascular disease, and chronic kidney disease.

Best of all, 30 to 40 minutes a day is all it usually takes to feel the results.

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100% Natural Jade Stones

Jade stones emit far infrared heat waves to heat, soothe, and calm your muscles. Quality craftsmanship ensures even heat delivery across the entire heating pad.

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Deep Infrared Heat

Far infrared heat penetrates up to 8-10 cm. That is 20 times deeper than conventional heat pads for long lasting pain relief.

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More Comfortable & Safer than Ordinary Heating Pads

Unlike ordinary heating pads, our FIR heating pads have been designed specifically to minimize harmful electromagnetic fields as much as possible. Attached digital temperature controller makes it easy to adjust heat settings for the exact comfort level you need and will never overheat.

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High Quality & Result Oriented

Our far infrared heating pads are made from high quality materials and built to last, delivering deep relief not only for the pain you’re experiencing now, but any conditions you or your family members may experience in the future.

multipurpose medical natural & preventive healthcare uses


no middle man direct factory carefit

Easy to use

Multipurpose Use

Digital Spine products can be used for Pain Relief, Blood Circulation, Immunity Boost, Natural & Preventive Healthcare. It has a reputed team working since 2008.

Auto Shut Off

Automatic timer allows you to program shut-off after 1 hour, 4 hour or upto 8 hours interval.

Direct Wholesale Prices

Digital Spine does not appoint any dealers or distributors so you have access to Factory wholesale prices easily.

Easy To use

Digital Spine Jade Mat is easy to use by its attached temperature controller. It becomes ready to be used in just 20 minutes.




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