Two Years Warranty:

1. Digital Spine Thermal Massage Bed provides warranty the products against any problems in material & workmanship.

2. The Warranty Card must be submitted to the DIGITAL SPINE Repair Center at the time Warranty Service is requested.

3. The warranty period commences on the same day the product was first bought.

4. Products covered may be repaired or replaced with a comparable product at the sole discretion of DIGITAL SPINE Medical.



A. The Warranty does not cover repairs or replacements caused by accidental or intentional physical damage, condensation, spilled liquids, misuse, abuse, altered or damage caused by non authorized repair personnel or by Buyer .

B. The Warranty does not apply if the DIGITAL SPINE products are used in a commercial or rental application.

Free Warranty extension

You can instantly extend your product’s warranty from 30 to 365 days by doing ONE of the following:

1. Take a picture or make a video of our product while you are using it. (Please be advised that these images may be used by Digital Spine on its website or in other promotional materials. Your sending us this picture or video constitutes consent to such use.)

2. Review the Digitalspine™ Mat / Bed, describing your experience with it and how it has helped you. You may either send your review to digitalspinemedical@gmail.com.

3. Like us or share our site on Facebook, Google +, or Twitter. You must send us a link to your profile for the social media used.

4. Recommend our products to friends or family and have them mention your name when they purchase a Digitalspine™ product.

After you have done one or more of the above, e-mail us with sufficient information to enable us to register your extended warranty.

This warranty is fully transferable, so if you purchased your Mat / Bed from a company other than Digitalspine™, your product is still covered by the warranty as long as you can show us an original receipt of initial purchase.