Thermal Massage Bed DS 1000

Thermal Massage Bed DS 1000

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Thermal Massage Bed DS 1000

Design background: Integrating the principles of Oriental acupuncture and modern energy medicine

Special Features

Special Features:

Working principles: Providing thermal massage, acupressure, far infrared healing and chiropractics.

Working effects:


1. Work excellent for stretching, straightening, massaging, pressing and realigning the stressed spine and tired muscles, great for home, office, spa and wellness center use.
2.The heated jade rollers and far infrared (FIR) heating elements apply the non-invasive, deep-penetrating, healing and rejuvenating far infrared healing energy to acupoints, meridians, tissues and spine to:
3. Relieve the tension and pain caused by stressful works and improper posture;
4. Promote blood and lymphatic circulation;
5 .Accelerate removal of toxic metabolic waste from the body;
6. Enhance the basic metabolic rate for burn more excess body fats;
7. Provide complement treatments to pains on neck, shoulder, back and waist, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia and so on
8. Boost our immune system.



1. Upper body warm jade massage plus far infrared thermotherapy on the legs, plus 2 hand-holding 9-head + 3 Head therapeutic massager.
2.he design of the track for upper body is based on physiological curve of the human spine, the internal projector moves repeatedly along the five meridians on the back, the internal projector for the leg straightly moves along the legs.
3. The external therapy ball have 9 balls & 3 balls, the adjustable design can easily apply to multiple positions, more convenient for use.
4. An extra adjustable 3balls therapy ball, specially designed for applying treatment to accupoints on the head, face, neck, lower abdomen etc.
5.Portable adjustable 11-balls therapy head is convenient to apply at any area on the body. (optional)
6. Special internally installed heating device can achieve the optimal temperature.
7.The product is equipped with massage function special for cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae. Pressing on cervical vertebrae concentrate massaging on cervical vertebra, pressing the lumbar vertebrae concentrate massaging on lumbar vertebra, it also provides finger pressure and moxibustion effects.
8.Can be programmed to apply repeated massage on a specific area (meet people’s individual needs).
9.There are 4 different massage modes for the upper body and legs respectively, providing more options for customers.



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