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Digital Spine Knee Care

If you’re experiencing aches and pains in your knees, Digital Spine™ has the Knee-Care to heal you. The 35 jade stones have a diameter of 1” that line the knee wrap where they spread a mixture of soothing heat and healing energy. The properties of the jade stones are perfect for relieving pain. Jade has been used for thousands of years by Eastern medicine to energize and promote wellness as the most efficient heat absorber among semiprecious stones. Today, Digital Spine™ is using the same Eastern principles to bring you modern holistic health.

Special Features

Digital Spine Knee Care


1. Product is FDA registered
2. Made by Korean company Digital Spine™
3. Net weight 4 lbs (2 kg); comes with a carrying case
4. Size 25? x 13? x 1.2? (66 cm x 32 cm x 3 cm) each
5. Set of two (left and right) – 35 pcs 1? (25 mm) diameter natural jade stones in each piece
6. Automated EMF filter built in a controller + extra layers of EMF-blocking materials built in the mat
7. Negative ion level at least 1500/cc, FIR 5-14 um.
8. Made of at least 14 layers with different functions
9. High-quality, nontoxic materials
10.45-day free trial. You can return it for any reason (in the same new condition) and get 100% money back; you only pay shipping cost
11.One year free full warranty


Jade is known for a number of healing properties:
• As one of the more powerful healing stones, it helps in purifying body and spirit
• It is used for optimal heat penetration and transference of energy
• Jade produces negative ions, a reaction that encourages cells to refresh themselves and boost metabolism
• Jade prevents harmful substances from entering the body and helps improve immunity
• It helps in calming kidney, stomach, and heart problems
• Jade is ideal for fighting off diseases and preventing sickness

Our knee wrap from our Knee Care is designed to envelop your knee in heat. The jade stones lining the wrap emit negative ions through Far-Infrared (FIR) that reduce pain, help in healing injuries, and promote a higher cellular metabolic rate. Negative ions are important to our health, as they reduce the presence of positive ions (free radicals) and restore balance to the human body. Negative ions are noted for strengthening the functions of autonomic nerves, reinforcing collagen production, improving the immune system, and increasing metabolic rates on the cellular level. With your knee wrap, the jade combined with the negative ions will provide more oxygen to your cells and tissue, bringing you a flood of warmth and relaxation after a rough day. The knee wrap will also speed up the oxidation of serotonin in your blood stream, which will brighten your mood and relieve your pain.

We suggest using your knee wrap on a medium heat for best results, but if you prefer a high heat setting, you should place a towel between your knee and the wrap. The knee wrap comes in a pair attached by a wire so that you can provide relief to one or both knees. The heat produced by the jade is emitted on the Far Infrared spectrum, which allows heat to penetrate deeper under your skin–straight to the muscles and tendons. This form of heat therapy will expel toxins and heavy metals that pollute our bodies every day, meaning better health for your body overall and a concentrated source of heat for your knees. All these benefits are designed to increase your overall well-being to bring you a sense of balance when you use your knee wrap. Day-to-day use is recommended to ensure your body is getting the rejuvenation it needs to keep up with your busy and stressful lifestyle. Digital Spine™ is a Korean company providing the healing power of jade through their advanced technology.

It’s a knee wrap for direct use for knee therapy. A rare and unique model. Recommended to use medium heat. If used with maximum heat, use a towel between the stones and the knee to avoid direct contact with the hot stones. Sold as a set of two wrap pads, connected with a wire.

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